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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

We had a wonderful vacation to Florida to visit Nathan, Nikki, and family. The trips there and back were long, but rather uneventful. Ella had a hard time toward the end of each trip, but did quite well for an 18 month old. The weather while we were there was perfect. High 70s to low 80s. 

On one of the days Nathan and Nikki took us to Emerson Point Park. The kids played along the shore for a little while and then we did some hiking.
Annie and Kendra were buddies the whole week. When the week was over we asked her what her favorite part of being in FL was and she said "Playing with Annie".

I wasn't sure exactly where Isaac would end up fitting in with the girls, but he and Joy played so well. We hardly even knew that they were there half of the time!

Love this!

 Wrigley is even cuter in person!

The kids spent lots of time in the pool. Isaac loved the water. By the end of the week he was swimming without his life jacket.

Kendra really warmed up to the water too.

We went to the beach as a family on one day. It was beautiful. The kids loved swimming and looking for shells. Ella had the most fun terrorizing the sea gulls!

 We also went to the beach with Nathan and Nikki one evening to have supper and to see the sand castles that were part of a contest that was going on. This is a sand castle behind me and the girls. It was huge!

Thanks for a wonderful time Nathan and Nikki!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Kendra had her 1st day of preschool today! It is so hard to me to believe that she is old enough for this already! I was able to go to class with her today. It helps ease the transition for her and for me :) Kendra has been exited about this day for weeks now - pretty much since Isaac got to go to school. She has been watching him go to school for 2 years and it makes it that much more exciting for her! Once we got there she was a little bit more apprehensive about where to go and what to do, but I'm sure that she will warm up to the environment quickly. 

Sporting her Hello Kitty backpack - I'm noticing that it's a must have in fashion for 4 year old girls.

 Ella got to spend the morning with Aunt Alyssa and Makena.

When we got to school recess was going on and we found Isaac on the playground.

 Kendra has Mrs. Genzink for a teacher. She seems great and I've heard from other parents that she is a wonderful teacher.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Isaac started his first day of Kindergarten last week Tuesday. He only had a two day week. It was a nice way to ease into school. This coming week is a full week for him which means that he goes all day Tuesday, 1/2 day Wednesday, and all day Friday. I really love seeing him excited to go to school - although I have to say that he is excited on the days that he gets to stay home and play too. A lot of the kids in his class are the same ones from his young fives class last year. I know that we made the right decision about sending him to Y5s last year, but I still have some regrets - like this year at church he is held back from the class that he is used to being with and most of the kids in his neighborhood that he enjoys playing with are in 1st grade this year (some as ZCS). I know that academically Y5s was really good for him. It eased my emotions into sending him to school. I didn't shed any tears on his first day this year - not the case when he took the bus on his first day of young fives. These kids are just growing up so fast. I do my best to live in each moment and enjoy each stage of their lives as it is. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lazy Summer

I'm "stuck" at home today without a vehicle which will be the story for me for many days this Summer. While Jon's parents have been in Hungary they graciously let us use their vehicle. They will be returning Tomorrow for the Summer (yay!) which means that they will be using their van again. Actually the van has been sitting at the Chicago airport for almost 2 weeks waiting for them to return. I have a van that I'm borrowing for the days when I have to work or have other plans, but for the most part I am without a vehicle. At first I wasn't sure what we were going to do with ourselves. It has certainly taken some adjusting as far as when I am able to run errands etc... but I'm actually enjoying having no other option than to be at home, to enjoy the kids, read some good books, and take in the laziness of Summer. It forces me to slow down, which I really need to be forced to do sometimes!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cottage time at Big Star Lake

We had a wonderful time with the Aukeman family at a cottage on Big Star. The lake was perfect for kids. Clean and shallow to the end of the dock. What a great week!
I have lots of photos. Here is a small sampling.